The following is a summary of our health guarantee
for your new puppy from

Your new labrador puppy will receive several dewormings and their first puppy shot from me.  They will need a total of 3 shots - each 3 weeks apart to complete their vaccine schedule.  At 16 weeks of age they can get their rabies shot. 

As the new owner, you will assume all further financial responsibiities that go along with raising a puppy.  This includes but is not limited to further vaccines, heartworm preventative medication, spay/neuter, feeding, training and the safety of your puppy.

Please get your puppy check-up at your veterinarian office as soon as possible.  You will have five days from pick up to return the puppy to me for any defects or life threatening genetic abnormalities that are found to be pre-existing.  You may return the puppy to me and receive a second puppy of the same color/value at no additional expense either from the same litter or from a future litter.  Your vet will need to provide written documentatin to me along with copies of any tests and results that were preformed that caused them to come to this conclusion.

The presence of Round Worms, Hook Worms, Giardia, Coddidia, Mites, Lice, Ticks or Fleas does not qualify a puppy to be defective.  These are all treatable conditions.  We make every attempt to send your puppy home parasite free. 

Please have your pet microchipped by 16 weeks of age and provide me with the microchip number.

We guarantee your new puppy against hip dysplasia with a mild or better rating by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) up to 26 months of age.  With written documentation from the OFA of hip dysplasia rated of severe, I will provide 30% of the puppy purchase price towards corrective hip surgery. 

In order for this guarantee to be valid, the dog must not of produced or sired a litter of puppies.  It must also maintain a healthy weight as overweight labs tend to have hip problems.

Unless you are purchasing breeding rights, your puppy is being sold as "pet quality" on a limited registration.  We recommend that you give your puppy time to mature fully before having a spay or neuter surgery performed.

If for any reason you are unable to keep your puppy, please contact me first.  DO NOT send your puppy to the shelter or any other rescue facility without contacting me first.  If at all possible, I will take the puppy back (at your expense) or help you find a new suitable home.  These puppies mean a lot to me and I want to ensure their quality of life in a family setting. 


Puppy visits and pick's can start at approximately 4 weeks of age.  Due to the protection of the everyone, we have a special meeting place at a small banquet hall I own in Otisville.  Our main concern is keeping PARVO and other diseases at bay for our unprotected puppies.  Since Parvo can be brought in on someones shoes, clothing etc. we choose to meet here.  It's a safe place and it protects me, and your puppy as well.  It also allows plenty of room for the pups to run and play and you can see them interact with each other rather than just be confined to a small room. 

Puppy picks will need to be made by approximately 5 weeks of age in order to give everyone time to make their selection.  If you are unable to visit in person (our preferred method) then I would be happy to send you pictures to help you make your selection.  If for any reason you cannot make your selection by 6 weeks of age, you will lose your place in line.  This is in place as a courtesy to all buyers.

We start allowing puppies to go home at approximately 7 weeks of age.  Puppies are generally weaned from Mom at about 5 weeks of age and tends to only want to spend minimal time with them as all they want to do is chase her to nurse.  We always make time for playtime between Mom and Babies. 

If you have special circumstances which do not allow you to take puppy home right away, I would be happy to keep him/her at a fee of $10 per day.  Please discuss this with me in advance.